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Hypnomassage is a combination of a relaxing, hypnotic state inducing massage combined with hypnotic suggestions. The effect of the two disciplines working simultaneously can lead to enhanced relaxation, which facilitates deeper access to the subconscious mind.

hypnomassage service

why hypnomassage?

There is no doubt that human contact can play a huge role in healing and change and physical touch is the foundation of human development. Hypnomassage is a revolutionary new treatment and interest is increasing as more people begin to recognise the huge benefits.


There are a handful of therapists in the UK; it is imperative the therapist is fully qualified and experienced in hypnotherapy and massage, and is fully insured for hypnomassage as a stand alone treatment.

the treatment

Hypnomassage appointments are either for 60 or 90 minutes. 

A consultation of up to 30 minutes is conducted, this is essential for Floyd to fully understand the presenting problem and the desired outcome.


As the relaxing massage strokes and hypnotic suggestions combine, clients are gently guided towards a deep hypnotic state. Once this state is reached, he uses healing hypnotic suggestions with an emphasis on breathing, to enable clients to visualise the powerful healing effect of each 'in breath' and 'out breath'.


Hypnomassage is an extremely versatile treatment incorporating meditation, 

mindfulness and NLP. It can be used to treat many different issues, including weight loss, insomnia and anxiety.


Floyd's experience, enables him to create the perfect combination of relaxing massage and hypnotherapy techniques, resulting in a very powerful and profound treatment.


At the end of each session, clients are encouraged to practice the 

Hypnomassage breathing technique on a daily basis. 


Eventually, the combination of deep breaths and visualisation will act as a trigger, allowing the client to relive the Hypnomassage session, including all the positive benefits.

client feedback

"I felt much more confident after my treatment and the confidence continued to grow with each training session and match."


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