Floyd began his career as a full time, freelance Masseur in 1992.

With over 25 years experience, he is now firmly established as one of London's premiere Massage Therapists.


His client list includes several high profile TV personalities, professional sports people and business leaders. Floyd spent four years working as the personal Masseur to American life coach Anthony Robbins, attending his you UPW seminars in the UK and Brussels.


Sports and Deep-tissue massage relieves muscle tension from stress, muscle fatigue, musculoskeletal injuries and tightness due to bad posture.


Floyd will always stay within the limits of his client's pain threshold, but you can feel reassured that his massages can be extremely deep if required.

Floyd'd Sports Deep-tissue massage can help with:

* Muscle strains from gym sessions.

* Muscular and skeletal injuries.

* Shoulder/neck/upper and lower back issues

* Sports injuries

* Migraine

* Lactic acid overload

* Increased flexibility