Client Testimonials:

I discovered Floyd while searching on the Hypnotherapy Directory website. I have experienced many different types of hypnotherapy treatments from several hypnotherapists but I had never heard of Hypnomassage before, I thought the concept was great so I had to give it a try.

During the consultation with Floyd, I explained how hypnotherapy had helped me in the past and how anxiety and stress, had always affected my life.

The feeling of calm and relaxation felt during the treatment was different to all my previous hypnotherapy sessions. The hypnotic trance that I experienced was incredibly deep and at some points, it felt like Floyd's hands were actually massaging my internal organs inside my body, rather than my skin. Floyd's voice combined with the massage, guided my breathing and visualisation, resulting in an 'out-of-body' type experience.

Since my treatment, my anxiety and stress levels have reduced significantly.


Ivan Marcetic                                                      




I wanted to try hypnotherapy after a recent dip in form and confidence. My session with Floyd was a very strange experience, I was hypnotised quicker than I expected, then I was in a room practising different skills and different shots over and over again.

After practising, I imagined I was playing an important match against Chelsea at the Emirates, I was playing perfectly in front of a full Stadium of fans. I felt that I could score every time I got the ball and I was able to play the game in slow motion when I needed to.

I felt much more confident after my treatment and the confidence continued to grow with each training session and match.


Premiership Footballer                                     



My husband kindly bought me a Hypnomassage gift voucher for Christmas. I decided to use the voucher, as I had been suffering from insomnia for a couple of months. The combination of Floyd's massage, suggestions and the tone of his voice, made me feel incredibly relaxed and calm. The feeling remained as Floyd continually focused his suggestions on the effect my breathing was having on my body and mind, and how it would allow me to sleep deeply and peacefully in the future.

After the treatment, Floyd told me to be careful the next morning, because I would have the potential to sleep right through my alarm. I went to bed feeling less anxious and I experienced a very deep sleep that night. I did indeed, sleep through my alarm in the morning.

Floyd recommended that I should use the same breathing technique and have regular self-hypnosis sessions.

I felt that the treatment was a great success.


Lucy Ash                                                         









Hey Floyd...thank you so much for the hypnotherapy session while I was in London. It was super duper fantastic therapy for my cough which I've been suffering for the past 4-5 months before our session. Well, I'm still using your method till now and it surely helped me so much. I wouldn't mind to fly all the way to London from Malaysia just for the hypnotherapy session... Keep up the great work. By the way... I'm no longer on cough or asthma medication!!!


Carol Irena Smith                                             









I have been seeing Floyd for regular massages for many years. As I was experiencing difficulty in processing the recent death of my brother, Floyd recommended his Hypnomassage treatment.

The combination of Floyd's massage strokes and suggestions, enabled me to effortlessly drift into a very calm, relaxed state.

Floyd then went on to focus his suggestions on my breathing and visualisation, placing great emphasis on each 'in breath' and 'out breath'.

I believe that Floyd's Hypnomassage technique, is extremely powerful and healing.

A few days after the session, I was able to slowly start the grieving process.


Rosemary Warcup                                             

Spiritual Healer








I had been smoking for several years. The fact that I was smoking 20 cigarettes per day prompted me to try Floyd's Smoking Cessation Hypnomassage Treatment.

Once in a hypnotic state, using his suggestions and visualisation techniques, I embarked on a journey inside my lungs to witness the damage that smoking was doing to them.

The unique thing about his technique, was the massage strokes on the lung area of my back. His suggestions created the feeling that each 'in breath' was cleansing my lungs and each 'out breath' was pushing the nicotine out.

I instantly went from smoking 20 cigarettes per day to 7, and I am looking forward to my follow-up treatment.


Alison Price                                                          

School Teacher








Floyd recommeneded his Hypnomassage treatment, to treat a long standing R.S.I issue that had troubled me for the past two years.

While I was in an hypnotic state, Floyd suggested that each 'inbreath' that I took, was sending healing energy directly into the damaged muscles and each 'outbreath', was expelling tension and negativity relating to the R.S.I, out of my body.

The combination of Floyd's massage strokes on my forearm, synchronised with his suggestions, created a profound experience.

After two sessions, my R.S.I  is much less of a problem for me.


Guy Lawrence                                                           








Having enjoyed Floyd's sports massage over many years, I experienced  his Hypnomassage treatment last week.

A wonderful experience of total relaxation and lightness, his gentle suggestions  helped bring about healing energy to my somewhat tired and over worked


If your body is experiencing stress due to London  life, Hypnomassage is for you. Since my treatment, I sleep better and my body is healing faster after

heavy training.

I look forward to my second session in the near future.


Johnny Ekperigin                                                    

Managing Partner

Portobello Hotel   

Julie’s Restaurant.








Floyd has been my Masseur for over 15 years. He recommended his Hypnomassage treatment for a shoulder problem that I had, which was preventing me from playing tennis. While feeling incredibly relaxed, Floyd's suggestions combined with his specific massage strokes on my shoulder and arm area, made me feel like I was truly striking the ball.

My shoulder has improved and sometimes I find myself thinking about my breathing and the session, while I'm actually playing tennis.

Very impressive.


Oliver Parker                                                            

Film Director 






I received Floyd's Hypnomassage treatment to help with a fear of flying issue, that I had been experiencing for a number of years. While under hypnosis, Floyd guided me through my typical flight experiences. I was amazed at how I was able to follow Floyd's suggestions and breathe my way through.

The addition of Floyd's massage strokes, made me feel calm and assured. I have had several flights since the treatment and I am now able to breathe through potential problems.


Miss. E. Bedo                                                           






I regularly have a Hypnomassage treatment from Floyd. After each session, I am left feeling very relaxed and a lot less stressed. The emphasis that Floyd places on breathing throughout the session and the fact that he encourages me to make practising the breath work a daily routine, really helps me to control my stress levels.


Michael Preston                                                     


Property Consultant - Retired 








A problem with my shoulder prompted me to see Floyd for a Hypnomassage treatment. During the consultation, Floyd asked me if my shoulder issue was preventing me from participating in any activity that I really enjoyed, to which I replied swimming.

For the majority of the session, I visualised that I was swimming in the most beautiful, calm sea.  The combination of Floyd's suggestions and massage, created  a deep sensation that I was swimming with a healthy shoulder. After the session, Floyd instructed me to go swimming.

I saw Floyd for one session and my shoulder improved dramatically.


Isobel Eden                                                                  

Avalon Entertainment